Having trouble finding your creative team?

We don't ! As a matter of fact we are quite successful in building excellent, expert, high profile creative teams.

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We are design and creative recruitment specialists.

We match exceptional creative talents around the world to innovative international and local brands in China. We service big companies and boutique studios alike.

We don’t apply “innovative” tools in our working process. We simply love what our clients and candidates do! It is this passion that drives us to listen carefully, work closely and share diligently. We know we are interacting with humans so we design our process with your experience and needs in mind. Our current focus areas include: UX design, product design, industrial design, graphic design, design research and design strategy. We customise our service depending on your needs in Permanent Recruitment, Search & Selection , Employer Branding, Agency Referral, Portfolio Preparation & Evaluation

We make it simple

Permanent Recruitment

We sieve through our network to present you a small number of well-suited candidates who we have had in-depth talk with and understood their motivation. This ensures all recommendations are valid and saves you tons of time going through irrelevant resumes that doesn’t say much about someone’s passion and personality.

Search & Selection

Search & Selection will make sure a dedicated consultant is assigned for you to work along your side like your in-house HR no matter how many times a position must be filled. Instead of a big lump-sum fee, a fraction of fixed service fee is paid on a monthly basis

Agency Referral

We offer in-depth knowledge and clear insight into the capabilities of design agencies, and can recommend agencies for any budget or scope of need. We work with companies to help them understand where and when to invest in internal and external talent resources.

We are big fans of the creative minds and we are keen in facilitating connections for creative individuals and organisations to achieve greater purposes.

For most companies, recruiting is essential, but they hardly have time or dedicated recruiting staff who truly understand the landscape of design talent and their motivation.

As design professionals ourselves, we understand your frustration when contacted for a Design Research position while you are a Graphic Designer. At the cross roads of career change, being respected and guided through your journey simply relieves your emotional stress.

Rooted in China but coming from different backgrounds, we are able to leverage our deep understanding of the local design industry, business environment and cultural differences to genuinely bridge the gap between business and design globally.

With years of experience in working with most creative minds and brands, we are grateful that they have shared their aspirations and challenges. We are privileged to be admitted as their trusted advisor to help achieve their vision and success.

Because we are part of the industry, we can be good at what we are doing

We keep deep connections with the industry, we know that without being involved in the changes happening we could not have a real understanding of design, business and their associated culture. We believe in dedication and that engaging a design recruiter specialist ensures a wider reach and more options

  • Whole of market. We represent candidates and clients internationally to ensure best match.
  • Single point of contact. A single point of contact ensures complete knowledge of your situation at all time.
  • Available when needed. Our consultants can be called upon 24/7 whenever suits you.
  • Better targeting. Candidates are qualified by portfolio, CV and in-depth role assessment every time.
  • We review every single portfolio so we know what to look for and the differentiators.

to us, you are not just a client

We just don't work for you, we work WITH you as we build a real relationship.
To us it's personal.